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Welcome to Equicall

Equicall is a dedicated equine out of hours service. It is the first of its kind. We work closely with multiple equine practices to carry out the emergency work for nights, weekends and bank holidays.


Equicall was set up in October 2018 by two experienced equine vets, Ian Bellis and James Hopkins. Ian and James had spent several years researching and developing ideas for an out of hours business.

One of the main driving factors was the significant problem with recruitment and retention of equine vets within the industry. Analysis of industry data showed that many equine vets were leaving the profession or switching to companion animal for the work-life balance.

There is growing evidence that working hours are closely linked to mental health. We believe that reducing the on call burden leads to more productive, happier vets. There are many other benefits of reducing the on call rota, including financial benefits to the practice.